Pekin AMBUCS Big Hat Club

The Big Hat Club is a "prestigious club" within the association restricted
to those AMBUCS own efforts, secured three or more new members in existing chapters or newly chartered chapters in a twelve-month period.


  • Fun
  • Membership Recruitment
  • Fellowship
  • To encourage all AMBUCS to become Big Hatters
  • Promote principles of AMBUCS and national programs
  • Fun


Branding Time Contest

Here is how our game is played:

  • Come to our Tuesday meeting and earn a first down worth 1 point.
  • Bring a guest and you make a field goal worth 3 points.
  • If guest returns, you earn 2 points for a safety.
  • If guest joins, you get 6 points for a touchdown and 1 extra point if guest joins by December 1st.
  • If guest joins same week as his first visit, you get 2 points for the conversion.
  • Make all 4 meetings in November to earn a bonus of 6 points.
  • Bring an inactive member (member who has not been to a
  • meeting yet this year) and earn 3 points.
  • Bring your wife or lady friend to Ladies Night on the 16th and earn 3 points